Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Long Time No See...

Wow, it's been 2 months since I last posted. Things have changed so much. My good friend moved away. We've started another year of Girls Scouts, and this year both girls are active (I'm leading the younger girls Daisy Troop). The younger girl is in the school Christmas production, so I volunteered to help with costuming. This Holiday weekend, I will spend my time sewing poodle skirts for her class participation in the show, and accessories for the other kids. Pretty busy.

Work is still there, but greatly reduced. Just after I last posted in August, my company went through a major downsizing (work force cut in half). Now last Thursday, they further cut the ranks when they decided to close a division that was loosing money. Now we number 12. Where my job wasn't very demanding this time last year, it has bulked up considerably. Although today is somewhat quiet, I haven't been completely handed the reins of the customer service job which I will inherit going forward. I feel so bad, right now I am looking for things to do to stay busy, and just the other day we laid off several good people who had lots to do, but we had to let go to secure company funding. I know this is just the lull before the storm, and next week will be somewhat crazy. It's just very quiet here.


You can see from the picture above, I have been a little busy knitting. Here is the Jack-O-Lantern, waiting for his head to be attached. I am having a little trouble with the face. When I first did the head, it looked too small to have a face added to it. I made a taller head, that to look at, looks like a nice pumpkin, but when you place that pumpkin on the body, it's way too big. So I struggle with the idea of adding the facial features, and attaching to body.

You might notice I am in the process of working one of the Holiday Gnomes - red body, white hat. I couldn't find the yarn recommended for the beard, so I got another novelty yarn, bit not sue I like it. DH thinks it's great. This guy now has his arms, but is waiting for me to finish his legs. I actually have one in white with blue hat/mittens/boots, and another one green with grey hat/one mitten/no boots yet. They are kind of fun to knit, and DD2 loves to play with them (she's named them already). I will try to squeeze these in a little this weekend, as we need to finish to send out to to their new homes. I will make a few for our home too, just they can wait a little before need to work on those. I have other things more preasing....like lots of poodle skirts. Why did I think this wold be a fun project to take on? What was I thinking?

Wish me luck.