Friday, September 28, 2007

SSSsssshhhhhhhhh....It's A secret

Finally this has started! I was so trying to not get caught in the excitement, but I couldn't help myself. Against my better judgement, I worked up a swatch last weekend for this KAL, using laceweight yarn I found in the thrift store. You might recognize the stuff from the Victorian Lace Sock. I was really wanting something in Pine green, but sine the budget is a little tight, I figure I better see if I have something in my stash, then dye-it. I will try my hands at dying this once completed. I know, I say that everytime I knit something in the plain vanilla color, but this time I really mean it! The pattern is pretty, so I am excited to jump in (I'm already on row 10, and the evening is young).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I love this, my DD2 was counting horses in her coloring book and when she came to eleven, she said "...One-teen, Two-teen, Three-teen..." I know I should have corrected this, but it was too cute to mess with.

OK, now I am feeling the pressure. My job has changed at work, so I now answer the main phone. I'm feeling very chained-dwon as it was made very clear the phone MUST be monitored at all times. It is not suppse to go into the automated system at any time during the normal work day. One time, about a month ago I was put in charge of the phone ( I can answer the phone, how hard can that be...), but missed a call. I never heard the phone ring, but I sure heard the CEO when he talked at me about it later (it was him calling in). Since then I haven't been exactly chummy with the phone( I'll add at thi point this isn't a desktop phone, it's a wireless portable phone, that allows you to answer the main line remotely, and transfer calls to employees at the building). The button pushing can be a little complicated. Anyway, I am beginning to really dislike the phone. On the other hand, I am learning everyone's extension like I never knew before...

OTN: Daffodils is coming along. I am on row 83, not quite as fast as I would have liked, but still, it growing. If I can keep this pace up, I will be done with this section by the end of the week ( as hoped, to only begin section F next week). I am panicing a little, I fear I won't get it done by the wedding (which now that I think about it, I don't realy know when it is for sure, only that it's in October some time). If I miss the date a little, it probably won't matter much. I know they are going away on a honeymoon, so I can always give it to them when they come back. Still, I am pushing to get this done. I will probably put GALKAL away for now so I can concentrate on this and maybe one or both of the secret stole projects I signed up for. Both of the projects are with Germany knitting groups, so I am struggling a little with the language, but still am excited to try it this way. the patterns will be charted so that won't be a problem (both groups havepeople who speak both languages that can help if there's a problem, so I'm not worried there either). I am excited about them both- altrhough when I joined both groups, I really thought I would be done with thias Shawl by now...bummer I'm not. I have to say clue 4 really take the wind out of my went on forever.

I haven't even started into Halloween yet. For DD2 , she'll either be a tiger, or a pegasus ( assuming her school allows these characters.. they are funny about what they like and dislike). DD1 wants to be a princess, but I will have to check with the school. For some reason, I recall this being on the list of unacceptable. I can't think of why, I think it had something to do with "Fairies", "Magical", "Scarry", Anti-Halloween Christian thinking. I will have to look into this so I can get a move on. I don't want to be up the night before, sewing her costume(besides, If I let it go too long, all the good fabric will be gone).I know I said I don't want to be sewing it the night before, but I probably will be anyway.

I better get a move on, lots to do, so little time...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Friday

How can you be sad when you see this face sitting on your desk each day...especially when it's Friday.

Well I managed to meet one of my goals- I was able to complete section D on Daffodils, and have started into section E. It's coming along fabulously. It certainly is yellow.

On the GAL KAL,well, at least I have the weekend to work on it. I have finally completed clue 4 and jumped into clue 5 last night. this clue is a little more difficult, I had to knit each side of the square at least twice on the first row of this clue. The design changes, so you have to really make sure you didn't drop/miss a stitch from the row before. I know that sounds silly, and you're probably think 'Duh", but wait- it's harder to tell because the previous design was something like a 11 st repeat, but this new design is more like an 8 or 9 st repeat. So things didn't always match up. The good news was once you had the base row done, things progressed nicely. I will tackle this and see if I can't finish this clue before the end of the weekend. It will sort of keep me on track. Clue 6 is also only 34 rows, so If I run a little short this week, I will definitely try to catch up next week. It's so nice to see progress and to finally finish clue 4 ( it really did seem to take forever. I know several others from the KAL said something along these lines, but where this might have happened in the past, I didn't always agree with the complaint. This time I agree with the complaint).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can

Maybe, just maybe, I over estimated my ability to knit as much as I hoped.....

On the Daffodil Design, I am able to keep up with my projected section this week- I'm on row 67 of 72. I have made marvelous progress. I just need to keep plugging away. It's kind of like when I'm cycling up hill, I don't look at the top of the hill, I just put my head down and peddle, peddle, peddle. I get to the top soon enough ( or die trying...).

The color is really beginning to grow on me(or maybe my brain is just so excited that this really bright color is getting used and removed from the stash box...ya'think?).

As for the GALKAL- I was hoping to finish clue 5 by the end of this week- and I still have time, but I don't think I'll make this goal. All I had to do was finish clue 4 last weekend, but failed to do so. I can't tell you what I did instead ( sometimes the days run together), but I am on the last 2 rows of clue 4, haven't even started clue 5 and it's hump day. I will try, but doubt I'll make it. I would have to average something like 9 rows a day to meet this goal. Well, I guess it's link riding a bike uphill, don't look at the top, just peddle, peddle, peddle.

As for the mystery Shawl, I guess this one is really out of the question at this point. I so want to finish this GALKAL, and need to finish the Daffodill if I'm going to give as it's intended gift. So far, it looks pretty, and someday I'll have to try it.

For now, I will just put my head down and spin.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Pacing Myself

Ok, so I figure I have to do a section/clue a week on my projects so I've got my work cutout for me.

Daffodils- This week I need to finish section D- 20 rows. No problem...except I'm not sure what I did with my book. I had it Friday at work, and thought I put it in my box of stuff to bring home, but I couldn't find it. I will look more tonight when I get home. I'm not as worried about this, I'm pretty sure I have my 4 rows of section D done for today.

GALKAL - the Galvestan Shawl. I am trying to finish clue 4 ( 6 rows to go), then I need to finish clue 5 by the end of this week. No problem, this clue is only 34 rows. 34 divided by 5 days- that's almost 5 rows a day. I can do this at night while watching TV with DD2.

Mystery Shawl 5- The first clue was given on Saturday. I was hoping to join in this one. I can jump in if I get my daily clotment done, but I won't push as hard on this project. Clue one is 60 rows, in a triangle styled shawl. This would go quickly. I am still thinking about whether I want to join the Halloween Shawl project or not. I wouldn't really get to work on it this month, it would definitly have to wait until I'm done with daffodils, before I could jump on that one!

I think when I break it down to these little goals, it's lots more do-able. Daffodils will continue to be worked on at work during slow times. GALKAL will be done mostly at home, as it's getting pretty big ( even if it's worked in the round on circular needles, it's still getting kind of big to travel with. And the MSG-5, well we'll see. I much prefer the square shawl to the Triangle, and I need to make up my mind on this one.

I only hope it's not too much for my hands to handle. That's a lot of knitting. I don't want to work my hands into soreness, it's just no fun ( not to mention the slow-down it causes).

Got lots of knitting to do.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally, Friday!

Wow, It seem to take forever to reach the end of this section. Here we are as far as section C. I started on 4 dpns and moved to 6 when things started to get kind of cramped. Now, I'm thinking I will try to move to a circular, as this would make things a little easier (well, less prickly anyway).

This is fun to knit, though. I like to watch the flower unfold as the project grows. I try not to look at the whole picture yet, it's a little daunting. but, if I look at one section at a time, I feel like I can do this.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hump Day

Wow, still tired from last weekend. Raise early, Up late... long days. This morning was difficult to get up. Yesterday, DH stayed home to rest up. My DD2 was having a bad day, I hope it's just that she's tired(It's so hard to tell sometimes whats at the root of all their troubles). I am trying to spend more time with her, especially in the evenings. i know sometimes she feels lonely in the evenings when DD1 is playing computer games with Daddy.

Well, I finished part B (rows 17-32)on "Daffodil", started on 4 dpns, but now have switched to 7 needles. I will start on part C (rows 33-50)soon. Still look at the color and just think "Wow, that's bright!!"

On the GAL Shawl I am slowly making my way through clue 4. I am on row 36 of 68.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Springtime in September

This is the dioly I am kicking around for a co-worker. I'm still not sure about the color. I was disuccsing this with DH, and he was amused when I showed him a picture of the pattern with the daffodils."I'm sure someone will love the yellow doily with the daffodils, you should go ahead and make it". Not exactly a glowing endorsement, but I guess I'll give it a try.

On the Galveston Shawl, I found a smaller partial ball of yarn, and was able to complete row 29 (of 68) before running out of yarn again. Irolled up another ball on Sunday, but wasn't able to sit and knit. I will resume tonight and plug along. I feel like I'm making progress and just want to finish this out. I have several new KALs starting later this month, so I better get busy and finish this one to be better prepared for the other projects.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Finishings

Ok, I won't really finish today, I'm only really into clue 4. I am almost done with row 16 of 68), but ran out of yarn until I go home an get another ball. This is an easy knit, just goes round, and round, and round.

I am also looking at starting another doily (oh, not another project!) for a co-worker getting married next month. I was thinking it would be a little something for the couple. I was looking at some yellow crochet thread I have. I was thinking about doing the "Daffodil" design from Marianne Kinzel's Second Book of Modern Knitting. A few years back I went to Connecticut in early spring, and just loved to see the daffodils popping up in the snow. Such brilliant yellow flowers. This crocheting thread reminds me of it... but as I look at it, it does seem a bit bright...I will think on it. The book says it would be Tea Cloth size, roughly 38" across. I would knit this on size 00 needles, so it make turn out a little smaller. I was considering using white thread, but I am drawn to the yellow. maybe I can play with this a little this weekend and come to a better decision.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Too Much To Do, So Little Time

The problem with being so craft minded- you think about crafts all day. You dream about crafts at night. There is so much you want to do but you can't find enough time to scratch the surface before your mind spirals off in a new direction. there is so much I want to try but between family, home and work, there just isn't enough time.

As I surf around the internet, it's amazing what ideas are out there. So many sewing ideas- it makes me want to go back to the fabric stores again... the yarns out there, makes me want to knit... the patterns out there, makes me want to knit... the wool out there, well you get the idea.

I guess I'm just restless for something new...I must have attention-span issues. I can start a thousand ( at least a few dozen) projects, but the key is just finishing one.....I can dream, right?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More Doily Madness

See I said I had finished...and I did. This is the eight-pointed Star doily I've been working on for the last 2 weeks - Not that it's been that hard to knit, but rather it's too easy sometimes to put it down ( something about bad eyes/bad lighting and very fine needles..).

This isn't really how I typically block doilies, this was mostly so I could see what I had when it was done (I knew the bamboo skewers would come in handy for something).

I like this doily, simple, uncomplicated. A little tedious on the longer outer edges.

** I did 2 rounds of crocheted loops to use a bit more of the string. I couldn't bring myself to throw away the few extra yards of string, but had no problem throwing away the few extra feet of string once I finished the second round. I think it looks nice with the 2.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tough Tuesday

I know it'sTuesday, but it sure feels like Monday...of course a 3-day weekend only adds to the effect.

Not nearly as much "ME" time as I would have liked, but I guess that's to be expected. I got to do lots of laundry, some house work ,and some dishes (Oh Joy!). I need to get into my sewing room, and to finish some knitting projects, but this will have to wait for another time.

Finally, a picture taken. I've had this sitting on the wires for 2 weeks, while I try to get the picture before moving on to the next clue. I was kind of waiting for the longer needle that was being used for another sahwl too, but mostly waiting for the pix. This is the Galveston Shawl, started a few months ago, but progress has been up and down. I want to get this done off the needles.

I also finished the eight-pointed star, but DD1 ran away with it to give Bunny a cape. I have no way of knowing where it's at. I do want to find it and try blocking for photos, just so I can close the book on this. I guess it's time to go pick-up their room.