Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Holiday Has Come...

The aftermath, the carnage, Oh it was pretty gruesome! Christams this year seem to go on for days. This was probably just my imagination (that and having to stay home with the kids those few days after Christmas), but now I am almost (choke) looking forward to returning to work on Wednesday.

It was a full holiday season with 2 Christmas pagents for the Kids ( one each), plus parties for friends and family, plus working full time leading up to the day and trying like the dickens NOT to be sick(again) for Christmas. There were football games to go to(I just had to scream and holler for my the point of losing my voice carrying-on such). It was all great fun, until the 2 days before Christmas when the cold hit hard. At least I was slightly better then my husband, who got hit hard with it shortly after me. I was able to cook the Christmas dinner for the family, and try to generally help the kids to enjoy the holiday. In the end it was a good thing I was off for the 3 days after Christmas, to stay home and try and shake the bug.

During all this time at home, I haven't done much on the craft front. My COS shawl is still sitting half way through clue 4(I ended one ball of yarn, and haven't dug the second ball out of the stash pile...). The Daffodil is still sitting around the same place I left it earlier this year. I am just about to embark on several KALs that are scheduled to start at the New Year, but I am wondering if that's a good idea.....

Here is clue one from the Mystery Shawl #6, this group started to work on it back at the beginning of December, and I am only this far along (not bad I guess considering I only started it after Christmas)...

Ok, I have to go, with everyone home, they wait until I get on the computer to decide they need it too. Ugh.

I will try agian later to post more news of what's been going on.

Hope your holidays were Merry.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let Me See Clue #3

Clue two down, six more to go! I finished the second clue today,and will start on clue 3 this evening when I get home. I really like this pattern. It isn't difficult, especially when you get the design started. Then it kind of falls into place as you knit each row.

Several people that have completed their stole have made comment about the size ( in all fairness, the designer did warn about trying to meet gauge, as it was going to be pretty large). I am only a quarter of the way through and it is already 18" Long- before blocking. At this rate, I can see this blocking to 96"(or more). That's quite large. We'll see.

I haven't started the MysteryShawl #6 yet. I was thinking of knitting it in a soft grey yarn I bought on-line, but when i saw it was named "Snowflakes", I wasn't keen on the idea of a grey trianglar shawl. I was OK with a square shawl, but soon realized I don't have enough yarn for that project. I am back to looking for yarn for the project. I need to get a jump on it, as clue 1 went out last weekend, and I don't want to get too far behind.