Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Get the picture

I need to get anew camera! Our old one isn't convenient to use- bulky so less portable. I want a new one, and a printer to go with it, but money is something of an issue right now.... if I slowed down on buying other things ( wool/ fleece, yarn, pattern books, girl scout cookies...) I might actually save a little to put towards it.

Just a thought.

I haven't done too much on the spring cleaning. This last weekend, Presdient's Day weekend, we did get outside for a while, and do some yard work. Cleaned the rock bed in the front ( it had accumulated lots of dirt and debris amonst the rocks, so it was getting harder to see the rocks). It took quite a few hours, as I got the bright idea to pick the rocks out, clean out the crud, then put them back. Oh sure, it looks great now that it's done, but it took quite some time to accomplish. DDs said they'd help, but about 15 minutes into the project, they quietly disappeared to go ride their bikes. I felt kind of bad the DH was doing all the real tiring work- raking the leaves, sweeping the walkwys, while I sat on the ground sorting rocks. My back was sore ( don't know what set it off), so movement was pained. Sitting in one spot was easiest for me. Besides, I consoled myself with the knowledge that he doesn't do the tedious things well. Pulling weeds, or edging the grass was never his thing. He'd rather mow the lawn, rake the yard, or sweep the walkways. I think the idea was that he wasn't doing it alone, and all the work is needed to make the yard look nice.

I did get a box of fleece cleaned 2 weeks ago, and have been trying to work through it to card for future use. It's a nice chocolate brown, and OH SO SOFT when fresh off the drum, rolled into a fluffy batt. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet, but I have about 4 lbs of the stuff. Have only carded up about 6oz., so I have quite a ways to go.

As for spinning my wheels, haven't had too much activity on that front. I did manage to finish the 4oz of Llama/silk blend I got of e-bay, intended to use for a scarf ( a nice accessory I lacked all winter, and kept thinking I should make one, but never got busy). I was a little disappointed when it arrived, as the color wasn't as red as I had hoped. Still, it was pretty, and soft. I managed to spin it up into a nice 2-ply yarn, and will be starting a scarf here shortly. I am just trying to decide what stitch to use. I have a felling it won't matter too much, as this stuff seems to be a little fluffy now, and expect it to only get fluffier, so I don't think a fancy pattern will be needed. Something simple. I'll look around, and hopefully come up with some ideas.

All for now, will post again soon (I hope).

Friday, February 9, 2007

Rainy day dull-drums

I have the spring cleaning bug. At least, I think that's what ails me. I am restless with my current project - a sweater made from some grey wool, not very exciting (I'll try to post pictures soon). I am itching to get back to my spinning wheel and spin something. I even want to get into my "sewing" room ( the junk collecting room in the house), and try and dig out my sewing machine. I will see if I can't get started tonight, by removing some of the boxes we know we want, and stack them in the garage for the time being.

I have several boxes of fleece I need to see if I can't do something producttive with them. Maybe start cleaning the fleece, so I can card the stuff to spin. I certainly have enough fleece to last awhile, and MUST STOP bringing home orphaned wool. At least for the time being.

It's raining today, and expected to be wet all weekend. Unfortunately ( or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I have a birthday party to take a child to. Each DD has a different party to go to, so DH and I will split the duties. Bowling or jumper house. I think I'm heading to the jumper house. Wheeeeee! I guess if it's gonna rain this weekend, I should be happy I have an activity to take the younger child to that should be good at wearing her out. It ain't pretty when the girls get stir-crazy!

OK, let's see what I can get done. I need to reduce the clutter in that room, or at least better organize the stuff so it's not falling all over the place (of course the cats don't help by climbing the piles, causing them to topple over... That's my styory and I'm sticking to it). Wisk me luck, I'm going in.....