Monday, January 25, 2010

Stop Me If You've Heard This Before

Wow, it's almost been a year since I last posted. In someways so much has happened- I lost my job (well, actually it ended. The company went belly up), we put the girls in public school ( tuition can be so expensive), and girls scouts are still going strong.

In some ways not much has happened. Now that I am not working, I spend lots of time reading, grocery shopping, working around the house, doing odd sewing jobs...but it seems like no matter how much I do, the progress isn't as obvious. It kind of makes me wonder how I managed while I was working (or were my standards just that low?). Well you know what they say- If you want something done- give it to someone with a job. They somehow manage to get, and their job done.

Right now I'm on a throwing jag. I am going through boxes and trying to get rid of as much stuff as I can. I have quite a few boxes in the sewing room I need to go through and sort out what I really want to keep, and what I should get rid of. I have gone through the garage once, and need to go again. I really need to go through the girls closet, as the girls keep growing and the clothes don't. They have lots of things we can stand to give to goodwill. I am hard pressed to hold onto clothes from the older girl to pass on to the younger. They are 2 different personalities, and 2 different body types. I can hold onto it now on the off chance that they'll fit, or just pass them on and worry about new clothes for both of them as the time comes along.

I have even started going through the fabric to see what I really don't think I'll use. Trying to be realistic. also, I don't have little babies anymore, so some of that can go too. Tastes change, needs change. I guess I'm in a cleaning phase, trying to get my life bck in order. Maybe I could find a job if I could get myself organized....? It's a nice thought.