Friday, June 15, 2007

Well my baby DD2 has finally passed from the “Baby” stage to the “Big Girl” phase. Ask any Mom and she’ll tell you that their child seems like a baby/toddler until one day you look at them and realize they’ve lost their baby “glow”. That’s what happened to DD2. We started the girls at their new school ( just around the corner) this week and the difference in her is amazing. She feels like such a big kid because she’s taking a lunch box (apparently only big kids take lunch boxes). She didn’t want to put it in her back pack- then no one would see her lunch box, hand carry only! I was kind of worried about her starting at a new school were she didn’t know anyone (there have been times this last year where dropping her off at school had been very difficult due to separation issues), but she’s been great. We go into class, she greets everyone and usually joins right in with whatever they’re doing. She comes home all excited about how her day went.

DD1 was more of a surprise for me (although in retrospect, I don’t know why this surprised me. She has always had a thing for the dramatics). She has turned all shy and uncertain of what to do. I’m sure a big part of this is leaving all her friends behind. When we get to school in the morning, I have to hang around a few minutes until she feels OK . It’s getting easier, but will take a little time for her to adjust.

OTN - I'm still plugging away at the Mystery Shawl 3, Clue 3. I'm not even half way through and the next clue comes out tomorrow ( although I don't usually get it until Monday mornings). I won't get much chance to knit tonight-too much going on this weekend to prepare for, but maybe later this weekend....of course it would probably help if I didn't keep adding new projects without finishing what's on the needles now. I have a whole closet of UFO from lack of attention.....

Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I spent quite a few hours in the sewing room last night. I haven't been there for a few months. I am trying to get re-aquainted with my machine and stuff, as I promised to sew Alley's wedding dress for next March.

This last weekend I went to the fabric stores to find swatches to send Alley, and I could have almost cried when I walked into the fabric store. Everythig was the same and yet so foriegn, all at the same time. I have missed it. Apparently my family has too, because now that they see me looking longing at my room, they are finding projects for me to do (like I need to find things to do!).

DD2 wanted a dress with ponies on it. So this last weekend, while DD1 was in her cheerleading camp, we checked out the fabrics stores, not only looking for the bridal swatches, but also "horsey fabric". We found one, rather ugly ( looks more for home decor then garments), but this was the one for DD2. I tried to talk her into something different, but nothing doing. She wanted this one. Well we brought home 1-1/3yds, and a simple dress pattern. This was one of the things I sewed last night. It came out cute ( for ugly fabric), simple yet horsey like. The construction wasn't difficult ( oh sure, I did try to put the bodice on inside out, but that wasn't too difficuly to correct). She's pleased. I might even have enough lft to make her shorts as well.

DD1, not to be left behind, wanted something Hawaian like for spirit week at school. I found something kind of tropical ( OK, mostly just bright abstract design), and made her a wrap-around skirt. She's happy for now. I like the pattern, it was one I had done all those years ago for my little sister when I worked in the fabric store. I still can't get over how grown-up she looks sometimes. She's only 7, but she looks older sometimes, and sure seems to think she knows EVERYTHING ( small annoying trait she must have inherited from DH). I'm sure she'll have more projects as the summer progresses.

Then there's the DH. He wants a new pair of pants for Rene Faire, and some pants hemmed ( I don't even know what pants he's talking about, but he assures me I have them...right. I'm sure they're somewhere in the black hole I call my sewing room). This weekend I will investigate what's needed for his Faire pants. We are hoping to go to the faire in 2 weeks. I certainly have the fabric ( if not all, then most of it and only a small amount of additional material would be needed).

Mostly it's been good to be back in the sewing room. I have been wanting to get back in there. I need some new clothes ( even thought I'm in a transitonal stage- weight should be going down soon as I stop driving to work and only walk or ride bike). I was hoping for some skirts for the warmer weather. I just wish I could find some styles that tickle my fancy. That was something disappointing, I just wasn't inspired by the patternbooks - although DD2 made it difficult to look as she was too pre-occupied with the crafts and things she could get into, and I had to keep a constant eye on her. I will look around some more. If one thing is certain, it's that fashion trends will change if we give it a little bit more time.

Not much OTN, Since finishing the MysterShawl2 over Memeorial weekend, I have been kind of kicking around MS3 ( I have almost finished clue 1), maybe knitting up some socks, plus spinning some more of the superwash wool. I'll keep you posted.