Thursday, April 26, 2007

April's almost gone

April's almost gone, and I still ahven't planted tomato plants. I tought I'd get some from Mom for Easter, but she said they weren't quite ready yet. Now here we are, a few weeks down the road, and still no plants. I guess it's time to head over to the store to get a few plants for the yard, and see if Mom has something next time she comes to town.

Haven't accomplished much with the stuff on the needles. I ran out of fuzzy aqua yarn for the baby blanket, and haven't had time to go to the yarn store to look for more. I did start the Mystery Shawl, but the pattern wasn't what I wanted, so I'm thinking of a few ways to change the construction to fit more of what I was feeling like doing. I was just using the plain vanilla colors wool yarn, same as last time. I have tons of it, and I think it will be dye-able once completed, to a better color ( or at least it's a good neutral color now).

I've progressed some on the booty bag. I have finished the bottom portion, and have turned the corners to start working up the sides. It was more time consuming then I expected to pick up the stitches along the other 3 sides of the bottom flap. I am pleased so far how it's turning out. A great brain twister using both colors at once. I'm sure it will ge real interesting once the design of the Skull and crossbones comes up here in a row or two. Colors are a nice contrast, and it's quite fun to knit the 2 layers at the same time. It does make me excited to try the 2 socks at once idea again.

I have got to get a camera! I received an anniversary present from the employer, and I should get a camera with it. I'll need to talk to the DH and make this happen!

Happy knitting.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One down, so many to go

Yeah, I finlly finished the MysteryShawl. I haven't blocked it yet - tryting to figure out when I can do that. 2 Kids, 2 cats and 1 DH makes for crowded diggs, I will have to wait a little. I'll try to post a picture before blocking, just to get an idea.

I have started in earnest to work on the baby blanket in the fuzzy aqua yarn. I haven't gone too far, and sometimes it seems to drag on, but I must persevere. It's a nice feather and fan pattern. I haven't found the other baby blanket I was working on - ROE in white. I have the center part done, now starting on the outer boarders. iT was getting too big for the circular needles I was using, so the progress at the time I was working on it last was very slow. But the baby isn't due until June, only the baby shower is this month.

I have played a little more with the double knit bag I was thinking of as a diaper bag. I have lots of red and blue New Zealand wool yarn. Too scratchy for clothes, but perfect for felted items. As I mentioned, this is double knit, so we are working the inner and outer layers at the same time. At first I was trying to carry both yarns as mentioned somewhere on the internet as holding one yarn in each hand. This was a great brain twister, but somewaht cumbersome. I finally figured out how to hold both yarns with the same hand so I can knit faster without having to stop and wrap te yarn around. It gets to be kind of fun as you get into it. I am still only working on the bottom, but I figure a little here, a ittle there, why I should be done before the kid graduates from college...right?

Happy knitting.

Friday, April 6, 2007

April Showers

I've started a baby blanket for the april Showers expected mid-month. I had some auqa yarn ( Thrift store special)- soft and fuzzy, probably acrylic. I started a feather and fan type blanket on size 9 needles. I didn't get real far, but now that I have started, I'm determined to finish.

The other day while looking around the internet, I found some cute patterns for baby hats that I was thinking of trying - lil' devil, Vikings, Frog, Bunny. I was thinking this would be a cute idea for Corbin (Chris and Darne's baby). They would have a great sense of humor about what to put on their kid, so I think this would work. I know I have plenty of yarn to make them. Now I just need to find the time.

As for the MysteryShawlAlong Gourp#1 - It's done, I just need to bind off the edge. For some reason my brain farted and I can't remember how to do a simple bind off for shawl edges. I left the instructions at work, but was off for 2 days with Mel, she had strep throat. It looks really pretty, I'm sure it will look even better once I block. I was hoping to finsinh this before really starting MysterShawlAlong #2, now that I finally got access to the files. At first I was going to go ahead and strat it beofre, then try to finish #1 when I couls, but I had troubles access the group. Now that Clue 3 will be posted tomorrow, I am more inclined to wait and see what developes while I work on a few other projects before diving in. I know it was going to be triangular, but I thought it was starting at the neck and working out. Now I see it is starting at the bottom point working up. The design is pretty enough, but not quite what I was looking for. I'm thinking I'll wait a few more days to see how it developes and decide what yarn/needle combo to use. What stategy to follow.

Still no progress on the doily - it beakens but I just don't feel like working on such tiny needles right now.

I am feeling like spinning something, I should spin some of the superwash I received, but can't quite jump in. I keep telling myself I should knit for baby, but I'm not real excited about that...or not as excited as I should be.

This weekend is easter, and I'll be getting together with the family at brother John's house. We'll try egg dying on Saturday. It will be a busy time. BIL Joe had his birthday Wednesday, Amy has her birthday Daturday, and their twin girls had their birthday sometime between, plus Emma is in here somewhere( I never know when, she's just always been in the Easter Birthday crowd) so we'll have lots to celebrate on Sunday. I need to run out and go shopping for the gifts sometime on Saturday as well.

I also need to go through yarn stash and see if I have anything I am willing to part with that Rai may want. I'm certainly not using the acrylic yarn like I use to, so no point in keeping it. I want to keep in mind that Darlin's daughter also board knits, so if I find anything good I don't really want, I can pass it on to her as well.

Lots to do and so little time.