Thursday, March 12, 2009

Times Ain't What They Use To Be

Years ago I worked in fabric stores. Practically lived in them. At the time we could be pretty helpful (or charitable) to non-profits and schools. Now that I am pursuing fabric for trees, I am amazed how little helpful they are. I can get a 10% discount. That barely covers the taxes. This is very disappointing. I could search around more, but I am running out of time to aquire the fabric. I am at the point of just buying the fabric and submitting my receipts. Very disappointing.

I was able to find the elastic /notins at a good price on the internet. I ordered yesterday, let's see how fast it arrives from Portland Oregon (should take a day or two). I am excited, and can hardly wait for it to show up. How often do you get 288yds of black elastic cording in the mail? Elastic and brown thread. Yipee!

Today after work, I will go to the fabric store and pick up 2 yards of brown lycra to make the 10 pairs of gloves/treebranch hands. I want to finish these soon. I will also pick up broadcloth at the store if they have it around $2.99/yd. I can start to cut out the various tree costumes, and I have a parent that will start to sew together. I thought I would tackle the chorus first, because I can pass a lot of it off to the other parent (or at least start to funnel it out and see how fast she works). There are 44 kids in the chorus, the rest are suppose to be main cast. I'm not exactly sure how many kids are in the main cast, and of those kids, how many will be trees. I thought the known first, then plow through the main cast (the hardest part will be the gloves, that's why I want yo finish those first).

I was thinking of ideas for the headpieces for the main characters. It would be nice if we could do something more then just the leaf wreath for them. maybe something more along the lines of a crwon....but what? I have a vague idea or image in my brain, but not sure how to go about it. I am still giving it thought...trying to see where this leads. I was first thinking about a paper mache "hat", but not sure how that would work. Was also thinking of something more like the jester hats for rene faire, but more in the shape of a tree...? Maybe a crown, cut from carboard and covered in felt(or painted), with branches shooting upwards from it. Again, needs more thought - don't want it to look like a Las Vegas Showgirl headress with a ecological theme. Thinking, thinking, thinking. The wheels are spinning (obviously rusty they be).

This weekend is Girls Scout cookies. We have 2 booth sales going this weekend. Saturday morning 9:30- 1:00, and Sunday 9-12. At least the weather should be good (nippy in the mroning, but warmer as the day progresses). I will need to see if the sunbrella fits in the car(can't have the Thin Mints melting before they find a new home). These kind of cramp my sewing style, but I guess I could be cutting leaves while I'm there...Lord knows I've got lots to cut.

Idle hands...and all that!


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