Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 2 - Bottoms up

Well here you can see the petticoat...done. I really like how full it is. It made up nicely! I'm not sure about the drawstring I used at the waist, it was the salvage edge from the dust ruffle. It's kind of bulky. I may have to change this. I thought about putting a pocket or two on the front to hold things(even if it's under my skirt where I can't really access it easily). Sometimes a girl just needs a secret pocket for a few things.

This is nice and lone for me. It hits just at my ankles. Good enough. Now I am busy with other things until next week, so there won't be any progress until Monday or Tuesday.

This weekend is my parents 50th wedding anniversary. WOW - 50! We are heading up to Reno to visit and celebrate with other family members. Everyone should be there but older sister out of state who couldn't make it this time around.

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