Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 3 - Nothing to Report

Monday, back at the grind stone, with little to show for the day, at least where sewing is concerned. I tried looking on-line for more ideas for the clothes, but continue to find very little info to the period of 1840-1860(pre civil war). I can find some on the eastern fashion scene, but don't think it transported to the west to much with the settlers. I will dive into the drawers tomorrow.

I did manage to make almost 3 quarts of strawberry jam today. I have been meaning to make this up but didn't get to it before the weekend. I was a little afraid they would be spoiled before I could get to them. I cut the tops of f them all, threw in roughly the same amount of sugar as berries (roughly 3lbs each) and a can of crushed pineapple. Yum! It came out good, and the color is RED! It tasted out-of-this-world great. It was my first time of trying to stovetop method and it came out better then I expected. I started by making the jams in the bread machine which was very easy to do, just had to keep an eye on it so it didn't boil over. I even tried it in the crock pot, but had an over cooked taste. I'll try it again on the stove top later this summer when I have more fruit from the garden harvested. The bread machine is out, as I think it's starting to die on us (it's something like 10yrs old...), and it leaks jam out of the bottom of the bread pan. Very messy to clean up the cooked sticky jam at the bottom of the machine.

Tuesday I plan to work on the drawers for my DD1 and myself. Will let you know how it goes!

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